Why Spaying & Neutering is So Important

Snip Snip

There are many reasons to snip…from protecting your pet’s health to preventing pet overpopulation.

Did you know that the Victor Valley Animal Protective League, the animal shelter that takes in strays and relinquished pets for Victorville Animal Services, kills about 2/3 of the pets who enter this facility?

In Hesperia, animal control kills hundreds of dogs and cats each year. In 2015, Hesperia animal control killed almost 700 adult dogs, 59 puppies, over 660 cats and over 530 kittens. These are animals who wanted to live. Many were perfectly healthy and just needed a kind person to adopt them.

You can help end this tragic killing. Get your pets spayed or neutered and adopt from Happy Mutts, another rescue group, or the pound.

Responsible pet guardians know that, when they adopt a pet, they are making a lifetime commitment to the pet. Cats can live 20 years, and sometimes even longer. Some dogs (typically smaller breeds) can live almost as long.


Do you think that your cat or dog needs to have one litter to be happy? When you meet and play with dogs and cats who were neutered before they had a litter, you will see that they are happy. They don’t have all the influences around them that humans have that encourage humans to have kids (friends and relatives having kids, TV commercials, parents nagging about wanting grandchildren, etc.). Cats and dogs are happy when they live in a home with people who love them and take good care of them.

When you spay or neuter your pet

  • You avoid contributing to the pet overpopulation problem. You might find homes for the kittens or puppies, but the adopters could otherwise have saved the life of an animal who was killed at the local pound.
  • You reduce the chance of your male dog or cat getting into fights over females and getting injured or contracting diseases (like FIV in felines).
  • You reduce the chance of your male dog or cat spraying to mark his territory.

Spaying and Neutering your pets does not have to cost a fortune.

There are several veterinarians in the High Desert who do low cost spaying and neutering. In addition, there are POPCO vouchers for people who live in unincorporated San Bernardino County. The veterinarians that participate in this program in the High Desert are listed here.

The city of Victorville has a limited number of spay and neuter discount vouchers. Contact Animal Control at (760) 955-5089 for more information.

For information on low cost spaying and neutering in Hesperia, contact Hesperia Animal Control at (760) 947-1700.