Happy Mutts Humane Society

Happy Mutts runs on donations from caring people like you.

Happy Mutts Humane Society

Happy Mutts pays for necessary veterinary care for the animals we rescue. Sometimes this costs thousands of dollars.

Happy Mutts is a volunteer-run organization that rescues dogs and cats of all ages and breeds and finds them new loving homes.  We do not have a shelter. We provide temporary homes for the animals with foster families, and we show them to potential adopters at Petco and Petsmart stores in the High Desert.

All dogs and cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Animals with special needs or health issues are evaluated by our veterinarians and provided the treatment that they need.

Happy Mutts receives no financial support from any government agencies to cover the costs incurred in providing for the animals under our care. Your donations fund the care of the animals. Please donate today.

Thank you.


Lance has been through a lot. He is a terrier who was found running around with a Chihuahua friend, now named Shalise, in Muscoy. Lance and Shalise were captured by Devore shelter personnel on the 12th of February. The shelter realized that Lance had a problem with his back leg but did not do diagnostics or get veterinary help for him. They reached out to rescues, but none responded until Happy Mutts was able to rescue him and Shalise on the 20th. At this time, Happy Mutts took him to the vet and found out that his hip is dislocated – a very painful condition. This needed to be fixed surgically. On top of this he has a broken knee; however, the knee has already fused and cannot be repaired. Happy Mutts, was able to get little Lance the surgery that he needs. However, the vet bill remains to be paid.

Please help by donating through Go Fund Me, directly to Happy Mutts through PayPal (use the donate button below), or by making a contribution directly to the veterinarian, Bear Valley Animal Hospital, on behalf of Happy Mutts for Lance (Call (760) 240-5228). EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS – even $1.

Contact us if you would like to donate food or other supplies

A Happy Mutts Success Story

Cypress was found in the middle of the road (Cypress Ave.), having been hit by a car and left to die. He was extremely scared and couldn’t be transferred to a car by someone who found him in the road. Happy Mutts came to the rescue and brought him to the nearby veterinarian. There, he went through extensive surgery to repair his broken hip and other problems, followed by a long stay at the vet for recovery. After he healed, he went to a foster home and then got a permanent home. Now, he is a happy mutt!